Our History

Andy Waterman

Andy Waterman is Umbrella Media’s CEO, creative director and producer/recording engineer/mixer. He is well known in the studio industry for his leadership and team building.

Andy Waterman has been a studio owner and media entrepreneur since the 1970s in Chicago and later relocating to LA in the 80’s. Andy has strategically embraced the constant changes in music, sound and video and technology his career. He defines the term, “Musician-Technologist.”

Lauren Price

When Lauren Price and Andy Waterman joined forces in 2003 they set forth a goal of reinventing the studio business that Andy had spent his entire life in.

Combining Lauren’s background in corporate America as part of a global Fortune 500 Company and event planning with Andy’s passionate pursuit of music, technology and media production produced a dynamic new business model, which they named Umbrella Media.